Job Evaluation

Evaluating job responsibilities, not the job holder

Gauge is the preferred job evaluation technology provider for

Determining The Value And Worth Of A Job

Gauge+, our factor-based job evaluation/grading software helps assess jobs through an objective, systematic process of elimination, creating a measurement and description for every job, not for the person assigned to it.

Job evaluation determines the relative value of jobs through a consistent set of factors, skills and requirements to align compensation strategies. Complete, fair and transparent, job evaluation can help to justify pay scales and eliminate gender bias in assignments and compensation.

Gauge+ hosts various schemes and is utilised by Local Government, Housing Associations, Emergency Services, Schools, Multi-Academy Trusts, FE Colleges, Charities and Private Organisations.

Key Features

As a web-based system, our job evaluation solution dramatically reduces the need for trained resources, is objective, and removes the need for written job descriptions. It reduces the time to complete evaluations and produces defensible results via a transparent and more objective process.

  • Factor Schemes – based on a job evaluation factor elimination scheme which assigns levels to multi-dimensional factors and point values to express their worth.
  • Reports – produces several standard reports to support the job evaluation process as well as a full query and extract tool for ad-hoc reporting.
  • Support – Pilat provides clients with comprehensive support, before, during and after the implementation of the scheme.

Job Evaluation Schemes

Our job evaluation software is used by organisations in both the public and private sectors. Whether you require a bespoke solution, designed for a particular industry, or would like to adopt a union approved factor-based scheme, we can help.

Pilat work in conjunction with the Local Government Association, Association of Colleges, organisations and supporting trade unions to create the computerised versions of the National Joint Councils’ (NJC) job evaluation scheme, Association of Colleges (AoC) job evaluation scheme, Police Staff Council (PSC) job evaluation scheme and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) job evaluation scheme. All of which are approved at national level.

As well as tailoring schemes to meet industry demands, developing a Fixed-Factor solution created for private sector organisations. This scheme can be tailored to meet the requirements of your industry.

To find out more about the these schemes, please visit out dedicated sector pages below:

Key Benefits

  • Fair, consistent and objective: The system asks about what is done by the job holder, not others’ subjective perceptions of the worth of those duties.
  • Easy: No requirement for a job description. In fact, Gauge+ produces a job summary.
  • Quick: Each job evaluation is typically completed in approximately one hour; responses to certain questions rule out the need to answer others.
  • Defensible: An ‘audit trail’ of answers to questions enables cross-comparisons of Jobs.
  • ‘Rank order’ of job scores:  Job score can then be used to design a grading structure.
  • Effective safeguard: As the software measures the job, rather than the person, you can safeguard against potential discrimination challenges.
  • Minimal training required: A job analyst inputs a job holder’s and her/his Manager’s responses to a set of carefully tailored questions under each of the factor headings.
  • Transparent and consistent: Job scores are directly linked to question responses.
  • Buy-In: Job holders feel ‘bought in’ as they can be directly involved in evaluating their own Jobs.