HR Pulse®

Software that meets the needs of today, tomorrow and beyond

Pilat HR Solutions has operated its own software house for over three decades. During that time, we have learned that the only software a client doesn’t want is the software it specifies and orders. Almost as soon as it is implemented, factors lead to demands for change e.g., functionality not specified, changing demands and circumstances, new users, interactions with other applications.

In order to meet this demand, most vendors choose to do one of the following:

  Developing as many pre-defined options as possible and provide a toolkit with which these could be turned on and off or have the content be varied. Most vendors still promote their solutions based on the number of options they contain. This is the model for most Software as a Service (SaaS) providers and works fine so long as the option is there when you need a new option and that when they change the option you use, you are happy with the change.

Build what they believe is the best solution and convince clients that this is the case. This is the model for a few SaaS providers and some who provide in-house solutions. This is fine so long as that is the process you are willing to live with.

Offer customisation services. This offers immense flexibility but is typically expensive, time consuming and exceedingly difficult to cost effectively sustain over time. This is largely the model of the major HRIS providers.

Getting the Best-Fit Solution

In order to meet your needs more effectively, Pilat chose a different route. We developed our own application development platform called HR Pulse®. With a pedigree of over 20 years and on its 10th major release, HR Pulse® is a comprehensive development platform with which our HR Pulse® implementers (many of them are HR professionals who can interface more efficiently and effectively with our clients) can build virtually any applications without touching core system code.

The HR Pulse® platform creates applications for functional HR processes, such as Performance Management, Workforce Planning, Career Management, Succession Planning and 360 Degree Feedback, and enables the implementers to create completely new functionality. The HR Pulse® implementer is virtually unfettered in what he or she can do to create a true best-fit solution, still with guaranteed upward compatibility.

Now, with HR Pulse®, you can have precisely what you want, when you want it, and still be assured of a robust solution with long-term sustainability.

Following Pilat’s proprietary implementation methodology, we can partner with you to design and implement an optimal HR Pulse® solution in a timeline comparable to may off-the-shelf solutions, at a similar 3-4 year total cost of ownership (TCO) with guaranteed upward compatibility (no rework costs on upgrade) and the opportunity to continuously have the application modified as needs and circumstances evolve.

If you want something that fits now and will continue to meet demands in the future, contact us today to find out more about HR Pulse®.