Our performance and talent management system allows individuals to set their own targets alongside the Line Manager and work towards achieving those on a continuous basis.

Talent Management

What information do businesses need before succession planning? You need to identify and understand the talent you currently have within your organisation. By giving your employee the tools to shout about themselves, you are unleashing a pool of data you may not have had access to otherwise.

We have helped numerous companies to transition from outdated systems to new performance and talent management solutions. Our Sales Director, Seb Sperring, discusses how we did just that in our recent client success story.

Continuous Performance Management

One of the key components of performance management is encouraging regular conversations between you and your employees. Pilat’s President, Mark Smith, explains the importance of having an effective continuous performance process in the workplace.

Although we have an ‘out of the box’ type solution for performance and talent management, we generally find that adapting the software to fit their processes is a much better way to move forward.