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Listen to what the client needs, and deliver the right solution

We’re Pilat, and since the mid-1970s we have been employing and evolving technology to build robust HR solutions for our customers. Pilat provides simple, clean and easy to use software solutions either as “out of the box” or fully customised to your requirements. We’re all about listening to what you need, and then delivering the right result for you. Not simply forcing you to change your HR systems to suit an inflexible solution.

Our expertise is in Performance Management, Talent Management, Job Evaluation systems and more. We’ve worked, and continue to work, with some of the most respected companies in the world. Our solutions are incredibly adaptable, flexible and scalable.

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Pilat started off in the world of consulting, which is why we are so adept at advising clients on the best solution for them. When we moved into application development, over 20 years ago, we followed our own advice and designed solutions that are quick to configure without incurring the time and cost usually associated with customisation.

We recognised the inherent limitations of imposing standard rules on many HR processes and sought to build a platform that could be rapidly tailored to support different processes while retaining the characteristics, integrity, and functionality of a product. As a result, using our internal software development team, Pilat developed one of the most powerful HR Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkits available – HR Pulse®.

From the start, the design goals for HR Pulse® were to provide a platform for creating applications that are:

Flexible and customisable — Going beyond the expectation of limited configurability, HR Pulse® was designed to reflect the process you want. If the functionality does not already exist, the platform provides the necessary tools to create it.

Content independent — With Pilat, a client’s processes and models (such as competencies, training materials, organization goals, etc.) can be quickly mapped. Documents can also be uploaded for storage within modules (e.g., employee CV upload to Performance Assessment).

Secure — On par with all expected security constructs, Pilat provides for roles-based security throughout every application.

Intuitive and easy to use — Tile-based screens, colour-coded icons, and context-sensitive design enable all solutions to be deployed with no end-user training of the system.

Scalable and multi-lingual — Individual applications can evolve with the client, meeting the changing requirements of the simplest to the most complex international organization. Language capabilities include single and double-byte alphabets.

The current release of HR Pulse® 10, represents the latest in an ongoing software development project started in 1998 and designed to create an application generator for building robust HR products and services.

HR Pulse® is the foundation of:

Tailored solutions for client-specific installations

Standard, generic solutions and templates for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) installations.

Stand-alone products, such as Gauge, Job Evaluation

Solutions that meet a host of needs that might otherwise be relegated to the inefficiency of Excel formats.

We don’t pretend to be a Jack of All Trades, but we are certainly masters of some. Our expertise is in Performance Management, Talent Management, Job Evaluation systems and more. We’ve worked, and continue to work, with some of the most respected companies in the world. HR Pulse® is incredibly adaptable, flexible and scalable. Contact us to find out more about how we can really address the people factor in your business.

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