Gauge, Job Evaluation
Case Study

Park Bank’s HR team collaborates with managers across the organisation to evaluate job roles across multiple locations. The HR department worked closely with line managers to match pay to role responsibilities. Park Bank has thrived with their new tool and within 9 months have evaluated 80 roles across the business, leaving them with more time and energy to focus on other impactful projects within the department.

The problem

In 2009, Park Bank created their own internal system to evaluate job roles within the organisation. Over the years the system became increasingly cumbersome to manage effectively with concerns regarding its accuracy and validity.

As the current system needed to adopt modern ideas and methodology, in 2018, Park Bank decided to modify their approach by implementing a solution created and designed by industry experts.

The solution

Within a few months, Park Bank has able to seamlessly move away from their dated internal system to Gauge, a complete, fair and transparent Job Evaluation solution. Gauge utilises a factor-based job evaluation methodology, deploying an adaptive factor-level elimination questionnaire that efficiently derives an objective, transparent and auditable assessment of a job’s value.

By modifying their approach, Park Bank began evaluating roles with Gauge as early as January 2019. Allowing Job Analysts to easily and accurately evaluate job roles within the business. Gauge ensures job roles are positioned within the appropriate grade by finding out about the responsibilities of the job holder. This is important as it promotes pay equality whilst removing any potential pay disputes.

Park Bank have used their new Job Evaluation system to determine competitive pay ranges within their sector. They were also able to adjust their bank‐wide bonus structure to match the new grading system. This has proved popular as a benefit with the businesses most important asset, its people, making Park Bank an employer of choice.


Park Bank worked closely with Pilat to ensure the Job Evaluation system was set up to meet internal requirements of the business, including tailoring the solution to geographical locations. Whilst selecting to utilise Pilat’s very own Fixed Factor scheme. Pilat created this scheme to allow private sector organisations that do not have a set scheme to start evaluating roles from day one.

To get up to speed with Gauge, the HR team opted for a bespoke training scheme delivered remotely with one of the Reward Consultants at Pilat. The training covered how to use the system, understand why roles are being evaluated and the methodology behind the chosen scheme.

The outcome

By implementing Gauge, Park Bank were able to streamline their job evaluation process and find time for other important tasks. The HR department is more confident than ever in their ability to accurately evaluate numerous roles across the organisation.

When speaking with the HR team at Park Bank, Pilat was happy to hear that the department is “pleased with their decision to utilise Gauge” and “would recommend Pilat to companies looking for a way to easily evaluate positions using a comprehensive, validated system.”