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Neopost UK’s Performance and Talent team support the learning, development and performance of their people to ensure organisational goals are met. With over 400 employees, making the most of their new Performance Management system (Performance Zone), it is no surprise to Neopost that they have recorded a tangible growth in employee engagement since the new system was introduced.

The problem

In 2016, Neopost UK found that their paper-based approach to appraisals proved unpopular which had a direct impact with how many individuals completed the process to the required standard. Managing both performance and talent manually were both complex, disengaging and time consuming processes for both employees and managers.

The solution

With the aim of replacing the infrequently used, and impersonal paper-based appraisal system, Neopost were seeking a continuous performance management approach with short-term goals, regular feedback and check-ins; these needed to support individual performance and development in line with company-wide objectives. The optional talent management module proved popular to address succession planning, create talent pools and to deliver further value back to the business with a strategic tool.

Neopost decided to modernise their performance strategy and introduce a solution that allowed for regular check-ins, rather than the annual ‘tick-box’ appraisal process. Pilat’s solution complimented this fresh approach and was subsequently selected as their preferred vendor – one deciding factor was the option to incorporate the Talent Management module that allowed the HR team to utilise their vital employee data strategically in the future.

Whether you are looking to move away from the traditional annual appraisal model, to a continuous performance approach, for the first time or simply want to upgrade an incumbent solution, Pilat have a solution for you.


Neopost decided upon a two phase approach for the implementation process; performance management as phase 1 swiftly followed by talent management as a second stage.

At the end of a successful first phase Neopost had a high level of confidence in the Pilat platform. As a result, the original talent management element of the project was extended to include far deeper functionality than had been originally planned.

The final performance and talent management solutions supports their evolving performance management strategy and gave Neopost the tools to support and monitor career growth, talent, motivation and retention.

The outcome

The new system allows individuals to take genuine ownership of their own performance and development. Employees can request approval for short-term personal objectives, set development goals and align them to company objectives where appropriate. Once approved, line managers can create one-off, or regular, check-in’s with the employee whilst documenting the entire process in a central system. This allows the senior management team a clear view of how teams are performing against their priorities and development areas.

By having greater visibility within Neopost, it allows managers to measure if ,and how many, development goals have been set, as well as if these priorities are linked to functional goals.

Neopost hoped that post-implementation the performance and talent management solutions would engage employees further with regular conversations about performance. The solution has not only transformed the internal performance processes but also correlates with changing individual attitudes towards performance and development. With more employees actively engaged in the process than ever before, the results are remarkable!