Gauge, Job Evaluation
Case Study

Our Desktop version was only housed on one PC, making it difficult to involve other members of the OD & HR team in evaluations. This gave us concern regarding contingency planning, as well as a concern around backing up of data. In addition, the intention to upgrade to the latest version of Windows would have left Gauge unsupported.

However, Gauge has been used as the job evaluation software for over 10 years. The system is well understood by our employees and managers and works well for Leeds College of Music. Moving to a completely different system would be complex, and add little value.

Following discussions with Pilat we made the decision to upgrade our desktop version to the newer web-based Gauge software.

The upgrade process took a relatively short period of time – within 2 weeks all of our historic data had been migrated across and following our training, we were using the web based system to perform our evaluations. The upgrade was as seamless as I could have hoped for.

All of the problems noted above were resolved. The web based nature of the system makes it easier for other members of the team to be involved, making the evaluation process more flexible and so less time consuming for one member of the team, meaning jobs can be evaluated and then recruited to more quickly. The upgrade to Windows 10 should also not cause any issues.

In addition, the web based system is far more user friendly than the desktop version, and the searching and reporting functionality is a vast improvement.