Strategic HR Solutions

4th September 2018  |  Seb Sperring

Changing core HR or payroll software can be a daunting task that often demands a huge investment of time and money. Sometimes, of course, it’s completely necessary to embark on such a project – sometimes, however, there may be a genuine alternative.

What if the key objectives are improving employee experience, reduce manager administration and provide HR leaders better visibility of the company’s most valuable asset – it’s people?

What if your payroll and core HR software serve their purpose but you want to encourage an inclusive culture for your employees?

What if you want to scrap an outdated annual appraisal process and adopt a continuous performance model with regular check-ins?

What if you’d like a Talent Management solution that enables strategic HR decision making?

It may well be that you don’t need to embark on that huge project after all… Pilat Performance and Talent management solutions can be interfaced with your incumbent systems allowing HR professionals to deliver exciting new initiatives for their organisation.

If you’re going to embark on a project why not consider one that takes less time, costs less money and one that can have an incredibly positive effect on a company’s culture?