Choosing a Leadership Style

13 January 2023  |  Pilat Learning Bites

Leadership is a critical aspect of any organization, and it plays a vital role in determining the success of a team or company. A leader’s ability to inspire, motivate and guide their team towards a common goal can make a significant difference in achieving desired outcomes.

However, there are various leadership styles that a leader can adopt, and choosing the right one is crucial to ensure success. Different leadership styles suit different situations and personalities, and as a leader, it is essential to understand the various styles and their respective advantages and disadvantages.

To choose the right leadership style

Vary your style according to the individual’s desire and ability to do a job.

  Analyse the individual’s ability and desire to accomplish a specific task
  Identify the best leadership style to suit the ability/desire level
  Agree the style to be used with the individual with your reasons

To Direct

  Set clear, unambiguous goals and standards
  Present a clear rationale – why it needs to be done – to increase desire
  Structure tasks to allow quick wins
  Supervise and give regular feedback
  Provide training to improve ability.

To Coach

  Invest time early on; guide, answer questions, explain
  Schedule regular, short coaching sessions to support skills development
  Create a risk-free environment to allow for early ‘mistakes’/ learning
  Relax control as progress is shown.

To Motivate

  Identify reasons for low desire, e.g. lack of confidence, disinterested, not challenging enough, working environment
  Enthuse by linking to individual’s performance motivations
  Give positive feedback and praise progress
  Create incentives.

To Consult & Delegate

  Provide freedom to do the job, setting objectives but not the method
  Encourage individual to take on extra responsibility
  Take appropriate risks, giving more stretching tasks
  Don’t micro-manage
  Involve in decision making
  Don’t ignore – delegate, don’t abdicate.