At the heart of Pilat are our proprietary Pilat HCM modules that provide an online/on-demand suite of tools to maximize your HR workflow, tracking and reporting.  Built over the course of decades and perfected continuously, all of our tools offer flexibility for modification and scalability to grow as you grow.


Our solutions include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Performance and Goal Management
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement and Retention
  • Compensation Planning and Merit Management
  • Transition Management
  • Workforce Planning and Employee Development


The importance of regular, dedicated and productive performance goals and measurement has probably never been more important than it is today.  That’s where Pilat adds terrific value to your organization.


Our proven performance management solution can help you to set individual employee goals, reflect those goals within larger work teams and projects, and provide the tracking and feedback necessary to ensure that both the employee and organization are aligned and moving forward.  Even more, we’ve added a few proprietary tools to our performance solution that allow for instant reward or disciplinary communication, and that enable ‘just-in-time’ performance reviews to be aggregated into larger semi-annual or annual reviews.


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In today’s global war for talent, the need to assess, develop, retain and compensate talent is paramount.  That’s why we build our solutions to:

  • allow for dynamic understanding of the performance of both individuals and teams;
  • enable sound tracking of development in line with corporate and employee professional goals;
  • plan and adapt for the future of the organization; and
  • manage compensation within budget confines.


Whether you choose only one solution or elect to paint a more robust talent picture, Pilat has modules that can work with you now, and grow with you as you evolve.

According to one study of American and British employment patterns, the average number of jobs held in a lifetime was 10.5 in the US, and 6.9 in the UK. That correlates with the US Department of Labor Statistics that indicate a median employment of 4.6 years with one’s current employer.  Long gone are the days of the presumed life-long employee.  Welcome to the world of employee engagement, retention and transition.


Pilat has been developing solutions to drive engagement and retention since long before they were on the radar of most companies.  Maybe that’s why we’ve perfected these modules…all available for customization to suit your particular needs.


How do you ensure that compensation is in line with performance, position, employee expectations and corporate policy?  How do your managers allocate salary and bonuses across their teams within corporate guidelines? How does the organization utilize compensation and merit pay fairly?


The answer is Pilat.


While we recognize that the allocation of salary and total compensation is part art and part science, we believe it should also be highly objective.  That’s why our software solution is designed to help complete the full picture enabling allocation against performance, compensation against guidelines and yet allowing enough variability to secure engagement of top talent.


Let us show you how Pilat can help you to manage compensation and merit in your organization.


At Pilat, we have helped companies to manage the transitions that occur through organic growth and decline, as well as those that occur through corporate lifecycle changes such as acquisitions, mergers and geographic expansions.


Our Gauge® job assessment and evaluation software can allow you to assess or re-assess your organization to identify the jobs that are needed, the level of those jobs and the actual job descriptions for each position, thereby evaluating and justifying the job rather than the person filling it.


Our QAT (qualification analysis tool) provides an automated means of assessing the qualifications of individuals against a particular job description.  And, our proven performance management tool completes the picture to provide ongoing assessment and feedback for individuals in their positions.








Pilat HCM Screenshot
Pilat HCM Screenshot
Pilat HCM Screenshot

Flexible hcm modules with fully customizable workflow

Performance and Goal Management



Employee Engagement and Retention


Compensation Planning and Merit Management








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