Customizable SaaS HCM

We Customize SaaS Solutions Quickly and Affordably


Thanks to our proprietary HR Pulse® development platform, we can create and/or customize SaaS HCM solutions without the cost and time delays often associated with custom development.  We then deploy them as single-tenant solutions so that you are running your own instance of the software and are not impacted by upgrades and modifications made to accommodate another user of the same software.  We can build, and have built, custom enterprise solutions for companies of every size as well.


All of our modules offer flexibility and scalability to provide what you need now, and to be able to grow with you as you grow or change.  Perhaps of equal importance is the fact that our modules are built to work with each other to give you a cohesive, integrated system that works seamlessly.  We also integrate well with existing systems for those who are seeking to add a single module onto their existing architecture.


Our expertise includes, but is not limited to the following:



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