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Far more than a traditional 360

Far more than a traditional 360, Pilat Multi-Rater not only makes it easy to measure and develop individuals, but stands apart as a tool to measure, predict and maximize the performance of teams.


Complete with all the necessary prompts, reports and tools, Pilat Multi-Rater is distinct in its ability to assess skill sets within teams and then match team needs with employees across your enterprise to build the most effectively skilled units.





In today’s agile workplace, it’s not only important to have the best people, but also to maximize personal contributions as parts of teams.  By going beyond the traditional 360 review process, Pilat Multi-Rater gives you the individual assessments of your people, and the assessment of them within work teams, giving Management guidelines on maximizing output and leveraging strengths against challenges throughout your organization. The tool even allows you to predict the performance of teams in advance.


Users report that Pilat Multi-Rater leads to actionable improvement and increased management/employee/team satisfaction and transparency.


Our team has been deploying  Pilat  Multi-Rater in companies for the better part of a decade.  To have them take you through a full demonstration and show you how and why it will work for you, just click the REQUEST DEMO button below.



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