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Do you like ice-cream?

Do you like ice-cream? Have one on us…but there’s another reason why you should visit Pilat at HR Tech Chicago 2016.


In advance of HR Tech, Stuart Page, Pilat’s SVP of Sales and Business Development, chats with PilatNews as to why you would consider making a beeline for the Pilat booth 2335 to meet the Pilat team at HR Tech Chicago 2016 (in addition to getting some ice-cream).

Pilat News:  Hi Stuart, there are plenty of HCM providers in the space and a lot of ground to cover at HR Tech. Why should people take the time to visit the Pilat Booth?


Stuart: Many HCM SaaS platforms dictate your HR processes and we’ve kind of accepted that we need to squeeze the way we do HR into the way the technology is set up (or pay a premium and invest lots of time in set up). BUT Pilat is busting this myth with technology specifically designed to facilitate how you work and mould around your culture. I’d love to show people at HR Tech Chicago how they can expect a 100% fit around not just their current processes but where they’ll evolve to in 3, 5, 10 years time.

Pilat News: 100% fit? That sounds ambitious!


Stuart: Every single one of our clients is different. One day we can work with a company who has a challenge of moving to an employee-led process following years where it has been owned by the managers. Working with another company another day,  we can find that their challenge could simply be to get multiple spreadsheets on-line and payroll systems integrated into a single HCM platform, to be managed by HR.

Pilat News: Stuart, this flexibility sounds great, but doesn’t this type of implementation get complicated in terms of delivery and on-going support?


Stuart: Traditionally, vendors have found this unwieldy but at Pilat we use a proprietary tool-kit based approach. This includes specific processes and content that are only relevant to them together with common functionality. Although we are regularly developing new functional components, it matters to us that ONLY our customers make a decision as to whether they have these implemented into their solution after talking it through with their day-to-day Pilat Account Manager. No forced updates.

Pilat News: If you focus on each system being specific for each customer, can you guarantee it is user-friendly for everyone?


Stuart:  It’s a really important point and UX has been an obsession for us right from the beginning. Our tiles-based interface and colour-coded prompts allow a user instant visibility into status and required actions.  Our customers say they don’t know of any other system that is so intuitive, immediate and robust.

Pilat News: How does the surge in interest for regular performance feedback over the annual performance appraisal affect your technology road-map and how you deliver?


Stuart: That’s an interesting question and the answer is (strangely!)  – it doesn’t. Our platform is process-agnostic, and with good reason. The market typically builds for trends – but trends come and go, and evolve. Many of our competitors are either now entering the HCM software market and building a product which is centred around regular feedback with little/no option for end of year appraisal, whilst others who are well established in the HCM market have been trying to adapt an annual appraisal product into something which can handle regular feedback, resulting in a clunky user experience.


Pilat have been delivering technology solutions to customers for decades on our proprietary platform because we understand that trends and considered best practice in the HR world can ebb and flow over time. We can handle any variation required within a seamless user experience. Some of our customers are at the cutting edge of one or more trend. Others are not on-trend with perceived best practice at all, but they’re getting there at a pace that’s right for their people. If their aspirations are to move to what is considered best practice, we provide a solution that can evolve over time to get them there, when the organization is ready.


If you like ice-cream, come and experience The Pilat Way with rapidly deployed, custom made ice cream which is unique to you in the Pilat booth (2335). You choose if it’s on trend or an old favourite!


I look forward to seeing the brightest and best HR talent there.

About Pilat

Pilat is an HR technology development company that builds and customizes installed and SaaS solutions in Performance and Goal Management, Talent Management, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement and Retention, Executive Coaching, Compensation and Merit Pay, and more.  With offices in the UK and the U.S., Pilat serves a global customer base with affordable, customizable Human Capital Management SaaS solutions and also offers proprietary products for managing Job Assessment, Job Grading and Gender Pay Equality.


We save you from having to compromise. Our solutions are designed to provide the kind of ease of use, involvement, development and feedback that makes your workforce feel valued. To provide visibility to Management to know, nurture and compensate their best talent. Proprietary, affordable, customizable SaaS HCM software solutions in HRIS, Performance, Talent, Compensation, Succession and more.


The only 100% customizable, single-tenant SaaS solution in the industry, Pilat delivers solutions around your processes, integrates with your systems, and providing employee business-critical information…all without the cost & time delays typically associated with custom development. Our mobile-responsive technology can also be multi-lingual and hosted by Pilat or installed on-premise. We provide rapid deployment | HR technology to drive your organizational processes | integration with hr/payroll/pre-authentication | ability to evolve as your organization’s needs change | affordable per-active-employee-per-month pricing | HR expertise / thought leadership to help drive your strategic goals.



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